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Thread: Editing My Videocamera Files

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    does anyone know a program

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    Do you have a capture card ? Should be easy to recieve through line in or channel 3 or 4 and capture/encode to mpeg or divx. WinTV does it well if you play with the settings enough and have the divx encoder.

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    If you just need to edit them on a p.c. and have the files downloaded then
    ulead Videostudio should do what you require and it's simple to use


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    Pinnacle Studio 8 is the best one out there. It is a full featured DV capture, editing, authoring and burning software and is pretty easy to use.

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    Adobe Premiere is good - a little more difficult to learns than Ulead. Premiere has some added features - 6.5 icludes an MPEG2 encoder so you can turn your avi's into svcd's (just burn with Nero) - but I prefer the longer avi2svcd then use TMPGENC for the quality.

    Ulead (in my opinion) comes with a better audio editor.
    Premiere has some great plugins (cinelook - for an 'oldmovie' look, boris fire to create neat fire effects, . . .

    Also you can use Adobe After Effects to do neat touches - even importing 3d stuff from 3DS Max and combining it with regular video For example - I spent an entire weekend trying to get a bunch of quail I'd captured on film to "run down" this medieval street (video editing can make you pretty wierd. ).

    I'd begin with ULead - but if you really enjoy this editing thing get Premiere - you won't be long graduating to it.

    Have fun


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    definatly get premiere. I started learning on it and it's pretty powerful. Besides, once you get better you won't have to re-learn a different software and if you want to different effects with After Effects or Photoshop, Premiere is easily integrated with them.

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    Check out ATI Wonder VE.. it's only $40-$50... works great


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