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Thread: Looking For Best Way To Play Psx Backups

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    ok well ive been lookin at 2 different non mod chip ways to play backups and was wonderin if any1 has any experience or advice on which to purchase or not to purchase, both require the "swap magic discs" &i was wonderin if thats smart 2use

    the first one i saw was a slide card that flips the white switch underneath the cd rom located here

    and the other is a flip top lid that looks hot and easier to use but voids warrents and costs a lil more here

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    I don't buy it, dude.

    All PSX and PS2 discs have that region code on them, and only Sony can make those discs...

    If you buy it, come back and tell everyone if it works.

    I really don't think it will.


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