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Thread: Help Vectoral Seedbox windows 2003 web

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    I got a vectoral server a few days ago, and everything is dandy with me, getting speeds up to 8 mb upload, but for my buddy, he isn't connectable. I have a slight idea why, it's maybe because he didn't forward the ip properly, but I donno.

    Just to clarify, I have 3 ip's, and using Utorrent 1.6.1. I hear you have to go to advance tab in utorrent forward one of the other ip's (not the main one I am using) and all should good, and he will be connectable, yet we tried that, and nothing works.

    I also made him an account, with 2 instances of utorrent running at the same time.

    So, what do u guys think I'm doing wrong? Do I have to forward the main IP into my Utorrent?

    Thanks for your help I look forward to your replies

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    Nah just go to settings in utorrent and change the port to 54321...thats wat i have my port set at on mt fdc box and its always connectable..give it a try.

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    It worked for me!!


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