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Thread: Can you buy short SATA cables ?

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    Hi Guys

    Just setting up a new machine.

    It has two Sata hard drives (love them).

    In order to keep my case tidy it would be great if I could get some shorter Sata cables.

    The standard ones are about 40 cm long which is far too long for my case as my hard drives are right next to the sata sockets on the motherboard.

    So I could get away with cables about 10 or 15 cm long.

    I know they make Sata cables with right angled plugs (I have used these), so I wonder if anyone makes short ones.

    I have had a quick look but with no luck.

    Perhaps I have invented something I should apply for a patent !

    Kind Regards

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    6" SATA cables.
    They also have 10".
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  3. Software & Hardware   -   #3 - they only ship to Australia, so you would need a friend there who could forward them on to you.

    Apparently Shuttle use tiny SATA cables in their SN25P.

    This looks like it uses a short cable -
    Those seem to be available in a few countries - Lindy might do them in the UK, but their catalogue doesn't seem to have them as purchasable.

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    Thanks guys,

    Nice sexy cables, I will have to get some.

    Now I just need to invent the short IDE cable from motherboard to CD/DVD drive.

    Now many hard disks are Sata, we do not need the long IDE cable with two plugs at one end for two hard drives. A short cable with just one plug would be great !



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    You could always fold the cable up and zip tie it, works fine and looks good.

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