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Thread: Why Are There No Fakes

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    why are there no fakes on bit torrent downloads and such a high number of fakes here on kazaa?i have been using these torrents for a couple of months now and have yet to catch a virus alert or find a fake file.are the people using these torrent communities more mature than the kazaa users or is it just a better developed program? anyone have a clue?

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    It is because it has to go through moderation to get posted on BitTorrent...Plus kazaa has a million more files so its a bit hard trying to keep track...

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    Compare how easy it is to put any old file into your shared folder and then call it whatever you want so that someone will download it (just look at how many fakes people download when they are waiting for a new movie - think back a few months when everyone wanted martix reloaded - in fact change a movie name to Terminator 4 and i bet within a few minuted someone downloads it off you on kazaa (depending on how many shared files you have)). Then check out the way a file it distributed on a torrent site.

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    yea, it takes much more work to get a file posted as a bittorent, and usually the sites will preview that file. Also you have to get respect on a torrent site before you can post at will. Hope that helps. But Kazaa still has the greatest amount of movies, just some are mislabelled for some reason.

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