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Thread: T3 Cd Covers I Made

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    Thees are the ferst CD Covers i ever Made What do you Think.



    Simpel But thay Look Nice i tryed to upload them on to but i dont think it worked but O well

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    dude their just the Official wallpapers Edited down 2 fit a CD..

    no Disrespect tho

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    you go to and see sum off the shit thay got there

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    and i added the D1 D2 thing in T3 Font and the WB Logo and the T3 logo at top

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    Yeah not a bad job there m8 they look pretty friggin cool , now have a go at making the actual DVD sleeve (a lot trickier!! Well to make it look professional anyway..), Keep up the good work there..By the way did ya use Photoshop??? ..Heres a 'Bad Boys' SVCD sleeve i've just done....

    Check out the T3 dvd sleeve knocking about someplace its f***in' wicked!! (shame about the movie)
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    Nice work on the sleve i have a long way to go i think can u post the Sleve for T3

    no i used Paintshop Pro 6 and windows Paint

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    Yeah here ya go m8...the 1st image is the original DVD cover someone designed..and the 2nd image is the one i tweaked into a VCD cover..Enjoy!!

    I know the second one is a VCD cover in the shape of a DVD sleeve, but get ya self an empty box, they look much better anyways
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    Sorry to be a pain but the size is so small dont u have a biger ver

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    Ha Ha u thinks i have made a mistake I haves not..Just click and save picture as, then open in 'Paintshop' and you will see the image size is fine..I bet my Grandmother on it!!
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    But the Pixel Size is still 450x301 and wen i make it look big it looks like shit and my cds a lone a 650x650 so the cover wood need to be biger

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