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    :pirate: Shiver Me Timbers and Yo Ho Ho! Hello to all my fellow pirates! You know that's what they call us, the corperate ass holes that don't think they are making enough money off us in the retail stores, so they're gonna try to sue us for filesharing!
    Well bring it on!! Because for the million reasons why they say we are stealing, I have a million ways of how we are not!
    Let's start with one of the things my Mama taught me when I was growing up, and I'm sure you heard it from your Mamas too. It was "let's learn to SHARE"!! I can remember (and this may say something for my age but I'm going out on a limb&#33 a time I got my ass whooped for not sharing with my sister. From that day on I learned it was better to share (the hard way&#33. Now a days it's every man (or woman) for himself and to hell with every one else. My Mama is rolling over in her grave right about now. "Didn't the depression teach us anything?" she would say.
    Sharing is not a crime. What is a crime is jacking up the prices of things due to "fair competition "to make a buck. Well where does that leave the little guy? Out in the cold with nobody willing to share with him.
    If you think about it, somebody had to pay for that file and download it into their computer. At which time they decided to share it with somebody they knew and so on. It's kind of like an old recipe passed down and on to close friends and reletives. But they didn't call that piracy.
    But chances are this will not go away quietly, but I am ready for them! I have sharpened my hook and hoisted my sails and I am ready to sail the ruffest sea to proove my Mama was right, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS SHARE WHAT YOU HAVE WITH OTHERS LESS FORTUNATE!

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    nice sentiment but you have to remember that the corporate assholes that you refer too also have the money to hire really really good lawyers and thos lawyers have to power to sway courts, which have the power to do whatever the hell they want. there are plenty of ways to help without showing yourself for prosecution, for example, there is currently a movement of people who refuse to buy cds until the riaa gives up the manhunt. considering i havent bought a cd in 5 years and dont plan on ever buying one again, i figured id join to bolster their ranks. oh and my sister had nails so sharp that they were like claws and when i didnt want to share she would gouge a hole into my hand.

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    i wanna be a pirate the riaa can label me what they want, fuck them

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    Originally posted by hometownhoney@11 July 2003 - 17:02
    :pirate: Shiver Me Timbers and Yo Ho Ho! Hello to all my fellow pirates!
    You'd have done better to have kept shut

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    You're all right, I probably would have done better for myself to keep it to myself and not voice my opinion. But since I am a lifetime member of this great Country of the Land of the Free, I know I am free to voice my opinion to the masses. And though common sense would tell a person that by doing so you open yourself up to riddicule and persecution, I still feel we must use our freedoms no matter the cost. For if these freedoms aren't exercised openly, we lose them to the corporate masses that want to revoke any and all that prevents the one from having the most to the most having one and sharing with others.


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