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Thread: Bittorent Getting Movies

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    I am trying to download the T3 CENTROPY, It has like 300 seeders and like 500 leechers but when I try to download I am getting no peers or no seeders, wtf? so I cant download, whats up?

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    Just leave it on overnight or somethin'.It will start eventually,just takes time sometimes.

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    try downloading of Supernova and if u alreay are downloading from then wait about 2 hours, i know it will start!!!!!!!!

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    What is the story with downloading from bittorrent.

    I have tried downloading files for T3 an CA2 from

    The bittorrent client creates the file to be downloaded but then the guiclient comes back saying 'problem connecting to tracker - operation timed out'

    Is there something I am doing wrong, or just problems with the downloads.


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    the tracker is overloaded, u need to find a non-overloaded tracker or just wait until u get a space. it will take time.

    alterneratly get the file u want from a dif tracker.

    we have already done our T3 seed. maybe we can re-seed, who knows


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