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Thread: Keeping up to date?

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    Wow, just had a look round Ebuyer and have to say I could not tell what was good or not.

    Just wanted a bit of information really on whats the best stuff on the market, with the aim to a high end PC build towards christmas.

    I'm looking more towards Intel but didn't know if I should be looking at Quad core or Core 2 Duo. Someone mentioned that right now programs won't use al 4 cores and I should be looking at a faster Core 2 Duo chip.

    RAM - I was under the impression this had gone down in price and was the same as always, get the fastest stuff your board would take and dual channel it. But reading about to get the best out of the new processors I should be looking at DDR3 (Which stands at 130 per 1GB).

    Graphics Card - By reading about it looks like Nvidia are currently producing the best cards, but I can't for the life of me understand the new ranges, whats a good mid to high range GPU, looking into playing games for a few years to come.

    HDD - I guess this is the same as always, aim for SATA?

    Motherboard - No idea on this either, just a board that will allow good RAM and CPU right?

    Anything I should know about/links to essential readings?

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    RAM would be DDR2 or even 3.

    Only old kits are using DDR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zapjb View Post
    RAM would be DDR2 or even 3.

    Only old kits are using DDR.
    Yeah sorry I meant DDR3, i've updated my post.

    What's so good about DDR3, why's it so expensive and do I really need it?


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