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Thread: Software

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    my computers gets over heated and i was wondering if there is a software which could tell me that my computer is getting over heated over its about to get over heated etc.

    if u know a suitable software then let me know

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    CPU Idle 6 from fosi or CoolerXP included with PC Alert4 from the MSI support and drivers site.

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    Check your CMOS setup program first and see if your motherboard has support for system monitoring. if so, check the documentation that came with your system or motherboard to find out how to enable it. if your motherboard dose'nt support system monitoring, you may be ass out of luck.

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    I suggest buy some extra fans.. maybe or big heat sink..
    Fans are loud.. hmm they do have special Coolers also that let out very chilled air. (computers will run in cold weather... unless it's so cold it starts to freeze.)

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    Be wild...water cool it. lol MBM 5 is pretty good and is used by most overclockers. In a matter of fact why don't you get plenty of help at

    i'm spark_of_ice there refer me! B)

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    make sure u dont use Myst or something like that tho.. hehe will make it smoke

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    You can also check your powersupply if it's not upto par,it could cause heating issues-I was using a 250w powersupply-then upgraded to athlon 1200 and geforce 3,this is when I started to get overheating issues.
    I eventually bought a better case with 400w powersupply and never had a prob. afterwards. It was like $67.
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    Try SiSoftware Sandra if your motherboard has monitering capabillities
    This progam rocks for info about your computer.
    Use the 2003 Pro edition.

    Peace brotherdoobie

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    When I overclocked I took off the case and put a fan next to it. 633 Mhz was really fast then. You could go to radio shack and buy a temp measurer thingy if your motherboard doesn't support it.

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    I use MBProbe rather than MBM. I've found it easier to setup.

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