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Thread: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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    Wow iam just in the middle of DL'ing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the 1st movie.. just previewed it and this movie rules... God Dam who ever directed this did a gr8 job... This movie rules.. 2 and 3 suck..

    Oh and has any 1 heard the rumour that they r doing a remake of the Turtles but they will b more darker and violent...

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    Are you kidding? Turtles 2 Secret of the Ooze fucking rocked?

    Number 3 DID SUCK! But Turtles 2 was pretty fucking awesome, especially with that kid Keno, the pizza delivery boy. Oh and then "ultra Shredder" at the end of 2 was pretty badass!

    Oh yeah and if Vanilla Ice is in it, it's got to be good. Know what I mean?


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    I wouldnt like a dark and super violent Ninja Turtles. Adults ruin every good thing for kids. I hope there is a fourth Turtles movie, but a good, fun, and unperverse one like the originals.

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    yea thinking back Turtles 2 did rock.. Super Shreddr was the nuts.. but the Turtles 1 was Realistic but Slapstick at the same time..

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    about a year ago the idea of turtles 4 floated around its just nobody wants to really do it. and another rumour going around is that its going to be cgi like the hulk so i dont know.

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    Well they did come out with a newer cartoon tv show. It's on cartoon network or fox kids or something. They also have new action figures, I bought Shredder and Leonardo. I haven't taken them out of the package but I really want to play with them!

    They also brought back HeMan!!!

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    bought Shredder and Leonardo. I haven't taken them out of the package but I really want to play with them!
    LOL -- man don't know if i got the same 1ns as u but i got the official movie figures u know the 1n's with the brown pads on the arms.. but i opend mine and they r still in mint condtion... I stil make them fight Shredder...

    And thats the rumour i heard the Turtles would b CGI..

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    they already made a part 4 it went straight to video, i dont remember the subtitle but they went back in time and had a fifth female ninja turtle

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    well he was right there was another but it wasnt the fourth. it was like one of those side movies or what not.

    but i found out that the fourth tmnt (cgi) has been shelved but who knows what the future holds for us fans.

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    That'd be the only reason I'd watch that one

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