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Thread: Am I In The Correct Site?

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    ive noticed a wealth of data in this k-lite site , but im curious -- is there much in the way of sports media? There seems to be tons of movies ,tv episodes and music (which is great), but not much to do with sporting events. Is there another site where i should be?

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    Do you mean you're looking for old football matches and stuff?

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    Yeah, if your looking for verfieds and such off sporting event etc . . . I don't think their is any specific sites for those, you just have to hope to come across some of the big events like big Finals of Soccer(Football), Tennis, Boxing etc . . . Most people find it easier just to tape these movies at home instead of downloading them off the internet, people are much more intrested in downloading the lastest movies, music & software then looking for sports from a few years back that were probadly screened a few years ago. I'm not trying to bag or piss anyone off but I like watching sports live not something I have already seen and know the result of or watching players from 20 years that I haven't ever even heard off.


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