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Thread: The Matrix Dvd Rip

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    Last chans to download it from BitTorrent The Matrix SVCD DVD Rip PAL.torrent

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    isn&#39;t it available on kazaa. or is only the dvd rip avi. file?
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    i dont know but i riped that one nice and slow like 25 hers

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    Ripped it from what? The DVD isn&#39;t out yet. Got any screenshots?

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    It&#39;s the first matrix dvd Cl1mh4224rd

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    i knew a guy who ordered the matrix 2 from across the seas heh never seen the thing
    but he had xmen 2 the dvd set and we watched it.....

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    You can buy them in china. There are just rencodes of what we can get in DVD format. Some have their own sources. They could be some really god cams but i doubt anyone has the DVD yet

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    i had the VCD quality version but it took sooo fucking ages to download

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    night ass are these in mpg files or BINs/CUEs?

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    er just to stop any confusion this is the original matrix, not reloaded

    I think

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