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Thread: FTWR/Uk-T

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    Hi there, I have Bit-HDTV,, FinBytes, FTN, Oink, RevTT, TorrentLeech, TranceTraffic, TTi and VipMusic, and the deal is:

    -->I trade FTN, TranceTraffic and FinBytes for FTWR or Uk-t;

    -->I trade Bit-HDTV,, FinBytes, Oink, RevTT, TorrentLeech, TTi and VipMusic for FTWR or Uk-T;

    -->I trade all of them for FTWR AND Uk-t.

    I have more accounts, but I only trade these ones!

    PM me only if you have the requirements!

    Best Regards, Jhdb.

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    stop spam


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