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Thread: need too boost wireless notebook range

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    Its a Toshiba Satellite, atheros wireless built in. Can any1 suggest a antenna or small dish? Also, Im not trying to boost my network, just the range of my laptop. So when Im in hotspots or what have you I dont have to be hundled in like cattle with everyone else. thx

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    I'm guessing this is the sort of thing you need, even made by Toshiba. I have absolutely no idea how you connect it up though.

    Remember though, the network works both to and from your laptop, so if the hotspot can't pick up your signal it isn't going to help. Still, at that price you haven't got much to lose.
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    thx Lynx, i have no clue how to hook that up. i was looking for maybe sumthin usb with a directional antenna/dish.

    but hey like you said @ that price i mite just give it a shot.


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