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    Hello out there!!!!!!!!! Can anyone tell me of a good cd burner, that will work with the Kaaza Lite? Fancyfingers

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    any cd burner will work dude but get the software for burning (NERO) NERO BURNING ROM

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    Um ya any burner would do but i suggest you get a real nice cheap one. LG makes great burners btw.

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    That will work with Kazaa Lite? Holy shit that's pathetic. I'd say go with Nero or NTI - CD Maker.

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    Thanks for the cd burner answers!? But, my computer doesn't work well with nero, hell, being truthful, it doesn't work with nero period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might be new to the form, but, not to this, thing, that is suppose to be a computer. you know, one, that a friend made. Any ways, I have jukebox, it has a burner, but all my files won't transfer to it. I also have windows media player, but, not all the files will transfer over to it either. Can anyone, give GOOD advise? I want a burner that will burner directly from kaaza lite.

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    I heard DVD X Copy XPress is good.

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    I want a burner that will burner directly from kaaza lite.
    Umm . . I didn't understand your whole post but at the current time that can't be done. You need a burning software to burn your files and K Lite, Kazza K++, KaZaA Media Desktop none of the Kazza's as far as I know come with in built burning software. This might change sometime in the near future but right now their isn't any plans for it so you need to download some burning software of the net I would recommend Nero but since your computer doesn't work with it for whatever reason get Roxio. If you don't want to get that find one that suits you their is a lot more smaller simplers one's that Roxio out their once you find one that works for you or you can use MusicMatch Jukebox or whatever then you just select the files you want to burn and it's pretty easy to work out the rest. Once you download something off K Lite it goes to the folder you have selected for downloaded files. You just use the Browse feature which comes with most programs and select those files out of that folder and you press the burn button. Off course you can't burn anything until you have a CD Burner or if you want a DVD Burner good luck!

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    Thank You LeUaNtlcS, I did finally figure out, how to record right from my shared folder. It took me a while. I have musicmatch, and it will burn straight off the folder. I've had nero and nero express installed on this machine and it just won't work. Also had the xmradio for the pc, on here, until the that made this THING, worked on it again. Oh well, don't get a computer from a FRIEND that makes computers........Thank You Again Fancyfingers

    P.S. Love the quote from Tupac


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