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    I need some advice on guitar fx line up!

    I have a Korg AX1000G floor multi and a Jim Dunlop Crybaby Wah!

    For the last 2 years I've had the Wah first in the line up but never had a clean smooh fx from it, I had a brainwave the other day to move it past the Korg, it now works beautifully, wonderful sound and a clean full range wah

    Now for the prob..........When I switch on the wah it not only acts as the fx but boosts the volume by about 30 %, this is not a good thing as I have to act quick to adjust the volume on my guitar

    Does anyone know how I can get round this, I've been racking my brains but cannot think of anything

    Any help is really welcome

    Thank guys, in advance

    Jonno B)
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    Put the Korg on the effect loop if possible, reverbs and delays sounds way better that way.
    It all has to do what kinda Wah sound you are after, i like to boost the sound a bit before it goes to wah. I hardly ever use the wah on a clean sound, if i must have a cleaner wah sound, i'll turn down the volume on the guitar. (70's pr0n! )
    My setup usually is:
    Guitar -> Tuner -> Overdrive -> Wah -> Flanger -> MXR Phase 90 ->
    to the amp, Peavey 5150, i got the gain from 5 to 10 on the amp, depending what sound i want, cuz i like to boost the sound a bit with Overdrive, to get a bit smoother sound, especially in solos. B)

    I have Zoom 9010 rack-effect unit on the Peavey effect loop, only using reverbs and delays. Also i like to use sometimes choruses, pitch-shifters, etc but those i like usually after the distortion, in this case in the amps effect loop.

    I need to get more info what gear you have and then i can suggest how i would use em.

    :beerchug: :
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    Thanks for your reply GS

    But I think you missunderstood me, or I did'nt explain it right

    My set up is

    Guitar----- Korg AX1000G floor multi fx--------Wah------------amp (peavy bandit 110

    All my fx are throught the korg (it has an express pedal, but I prefer the crybaby wah for that claasic wah wah sound) , I don'nt use the amps drive, but do have a touch of reverb, I don't use the wah (clean) I use it eg.Sweet Child (2nd half solo) but when I had the wah before the korg it was compressed (did'nt waaaaaah, just wah)
    Now I have moved it to last in the loop it has full fx but boosts the volume

    I hope that makes sense, it's hard to explain what I mean

    Jonno B)
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    Ok, try think your situation a bit like this:
    The Wah is the driving wheel, right now you
    are sitting in the backseat, facing the wrong way,
    wondering how can you steer the car right. Well, poor example...

    God Damn (to Hell) those Multi-Floor-Pedals, they do suck.
    I have yet to find a good sounding multi-efx-floor-pedal.
    You wanna know why? (hint: tubes)

    Cuz, the Guitar Sound actually comes from the amp, NOT from the pedal.
    So, you should be using the Guitar, and the Amp for the main "kick (gain) ass" sound.
    everything else, the effects are for "colouring", so to speak, the sound.

    What you are doing is you got a nice clean sound on the amp, all the Gain or
    Distortion (Distortion-pedals suck too) and the effects comes from the Korg, the floor pedal, right?
    You aint gonna have a good working, nice sounding setup as long as you
    are trying to get the balls out of the Korg.
    Fact is, in digital floor boards like Korg, there is No Coyones !
    Balls on the Guitar Sound come from the amp, and why?
    One word: Tubes, thats why. Transistors are pretty high tech but they still cant
    reproduce the same as real tubes. They are getting better but i'll say those are still about 50% off.
    Its a fact, no fiction. Have you seen Slash stomping around Live on those (Korg) things?
    There is too many things going on in the tube, period. If the Bandit you have is a Transisor amp,
    then it really doesnt matter what your pedals arre as you will not get a "real" sound out of it. Im assuming that you aint into Dimebag Darrel (Pantera) kind of sound.

    As you have a nice clean sound, not too loud, on your amp you aint using the amp at all, its a bit like having a Testarossa and driving about 30 mph and complaining about the speed.

    The sound comes with a certain (usually a lot) amount of volume (tubes getting enuff current),
    having a good set of effect pedals on the floor, reverb + delay on the efxloop (not always), and having a well setup guitar.
    After that, its about the player.

    I have personally ever heard 30% increase on my sound levels with the Wah, mostly
    i've had to boost the signal before the wah to get the really hight squealches out of it.
    But then again, i had a Korg floor pedal for a test drive once, took me 10 mins to find out that i dont like it. It has no Coyones.

    But, if you insist having a Kork, put the wah before the kork.
    and if then the wah dont sound cool, get a Overdrive pedal, not Distortion, and boost the signal a bit before it goes to wah.
    There is also some other cool wah's out there you might wanna consider, i've
    been dreaming of the same pedal as Satriani uses, or Vai, but i
    would get a Ibanes TS-9 tube-scramer or similar, if i was you.
    No, lemme be clear, if i was you, i'd sell the Korg and,
    get me a set of cool pedals, but thats just me...

    Seriously, as long as you have the kork, you aint gonna be 100% satisfied of your sound/setup. That is my honest opinion, based on experience.
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    Wow! Idid'nt expect that response

    Thank you very much GS You basically confirmed what I was thinking

    I would love to get a real (tube) amp and a good set of peds on the floor, fact is, I just can't afford it
    As for the Korg, she does well for 135 and over 200 fx's, but I knew when I bought it , it was;nt gonna be fantastic for that money, but it was worth the price and I've been happy with it cos it's got fx on it I would buy but do like
    So don't be too hard on it
    The Bandit is a solid state, but I got that for a ton and she has an awsome amount of power, I never used the drive on it cos I got the Korg but I think (after reading what you said) I might have a fiddle
    Trouble with me is, I get into my guitar room,thinking "I'm gonna try this and that" But once I'm there and the guitar slung round me neck, I don't want to fiddle, I just want to play B)
    I'd like to think I'm good enogh to enjoy myself, and I have a couple of local bands begging me to play, but I play for me and I play what I want to play (from sweet child to sultans of swing to apache) I don't enjoy playing too much rythm, not enough fire, heart and challenge for me (no offence, that's just my thoughts, respect to rythm players)

    I think , I need to have my Les Paul and Stra seviced, niether are very well, and I need to spend a few days fiddling with fx and amp

    I buying a talk box off a guy next week (fully working) for 50 really looking forward to that cos the Korg has a pedal for a talk fx but it's just 3 vowles top to bottom B)

    Cheers for ya help GS

    Jonno B)
    The idiosyncratic syntax of riddles interests me


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