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Thread: Mohaa Disk Size

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    I DLed MOHAA_CD1.iso.exe from kazaa, size 713MB

    when i extract the contents to my hard drive with UNDISKER, there is only 606MB of files and folders

    I click setup and it installs perfectly fine till it asks for disk2 (still not finished DLing disk 2) and i cancel.

    should I be alarmed?

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    Well ya won't be able to continue the installation untill you've got the second disc, will you?!

    I think this is a weird topic

    EDIT: Oh I see what you're saying.. err.. well i tried downloading mohaa too, and it fucked up halfway through the second disc, during the installation. So I gave up. If all the files from the first disc seem to install ok then there shouldn't be a problem. But I'm no expert.

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    but does anyone know what the real size is?????

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    Originally posted by joalien@12 July 2003 - 22:15
    but does anyone know what the real size is?????
    What do you mean?! The sizes are 713MB and 606MB, you said that yourself. I don't effing well know if these kind of files are supposed to shrink upon mounting, but they probably are if you havn't had any problems so far. Arg, blargh, asdf..

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    If the installation has gotten to where it asks for cd2, then i'd bet there are no problems.


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