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Thread: To all the people up late at night with nothing to do

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    please help me in my damn big assignment due tommro i have to find recent (2007) articles (canda realated somehow) on these topics

    a viewpoint/ article on free and or fair trade

    a canadian company doing well/poorly in a foreign market..

    a foregin company doing well/poorlyin canada

    a new trend or dvelopment in the global marketplace

    a profileof people under 30 years of age trying to solve a problem/launch a venture in the international arena

    a trade problem canada is experiencing with another country

    a controversial issue in canadian trade

    canadas international competitveness and productivity

    an educational or employment opportunity in another country

    canadas diverstiy as a marktplace

    an interanional business plan

    international communication

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    Hey love to help but my brain hurts right now . Does it have to be Canada , why not the USA ? Lots of material there . I 'm teasing can't help it .

    Hey how about free trade and how the lumber industry got screwed in Canada , that would be a good topic . Or how the loonie rising affects exports to the States . Hey wait a minute ... I'm doing your home work you bugger .
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