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Thread: Roxio Go Back With Xp

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    I've downloaded 2 different versions of Go Back 3.1 something, supposedly compatible with Windows XP. In each case, when the computer boots up, all I get is a blank screen after the Windows XP screen. (running Windows XP Pro)
    I have since uninstalled each version.

    Is there a version that will work with my OS?

    Or am I having problems because some things are already messed up with my OS? (I can't access Windows Media Player- get message that an internal error exists, sytem restore won't open up, and some web pages come up blank (including my access to hotmail)

    Any help or (constructive) suggestions would be appreciated!

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    u probably got an old version.
    I tried Goback once.. doesnt even "go back" sometimes...

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    I have GoBack 3 Deluxe on my Win2000 machine. GREAT peice of software if you ask me. GoBack has saved me from viruses, accidentally deleting something, and a whole mess of other stuff. It never gave me problems, and always did the job perfectly.

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    I use Goback 3 Delux with Xp Home Sp1 and had up to date no problems. The Delux version give you a greater choice when you want to recover files that you deleted or when you a serious problen and wants restore your pc to a stage whwn it was still working. I dl the program from Kazaa:size 8.44MB


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