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    Beware there is a virus in a DivX 5 bundle download on kaaza the file is about 1.2meg and the downloaded file icon shows as winzip self extractor. It contains the virus IRC-Sdbot

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    Their should be a sticky or something like it in all the worlds except hardware world were people can report all the fake files, files with virues etc . .

    But thanks for warning us! It must come bundled with DIVX because no virus is that big.

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    Actually what that does is create a hundread or so popular exe files ina folder and then changes your registry to share them. The actual creation is XMS32.exe, all the dummy files are names of popular programs with versions that don't even exsist yet. There are hundreads of these type of files, and thousands infected. If you look for one like Window Washer 4.8, dosen't even exsist, 4.7 is current, you will probaly find hundread of sources.

    In addition I don't recommend using KaZaa for exe files. I prefer to get verifieds at ShareReactor and use Shareaza. You won't have any problems that way.

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    another f'in virus on kazaa... wow. lol I have had to reformat my whole pc because i became too .exe happy......

    Solution: Stop being greedy and buy the software. Wait, no that is too much of a hassle. Another solution... www. B)

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    Better yet with Shareaza or eMule.


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