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Thread: secure my ftp

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    i need some help guys and girls. i need to secure my ftp. right now im using raidenftpd v2.4 on my server and at home flashfxp v3.2.0 i can connect ok but when i try to connect using ssh i cant. my server has windows os. whats the easyest set-up i can install to secure my ftp useage. thanks!

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    FTP operates over a specific control channel - that being (usually PORT 21) and a data channel (usually PORT 20) ! FTP is usually UNENCRYPTED and your LOGIN and PASSWORD are usually seen as PLAIN TEXT ! so is your DATA CHANNEL for packet stealing and capture !
    there are a few so-called secure FTP programs - and they do encryption for you, even some that tunnel over SSH ! but this only applies to the CONTROL TUNNEL and not the DATA CHANNEL - so you are still compromised !!
    FTP is slighter hard to encrypted because of it's dual port channel implementation ! it works on the principle of sending on one file at a time on one connection at a time - not all together on a single connection ! so this makes it difficult to tunnel the DATA CHANNEL ! so what can possibly done -
    well i found a possible solution !
    it doesn't exactly tunnel, but i does encrypt BOTH CHANNELS !
    i hope this might help and is what you are looking for ! other than this there is nothing more i have on the subject matter !
    i would have linked it properly - but my keyboard is acting up yet again !!!

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    I recently reinstalled my server.

    I was using FileZilla FTP, but now I wanted the BEST and SECURE FTP.
    From my reading during the last two weeks, I have discovered that using WEBDAV is the newest and a better solution.

    I will have to use it with my HTTP SERVER (Apache) and add the module on. The best part is that users can connect to it from their XP machines without the FTP client.

    When I have time I am going to test it all out. I only wish I experimented on Server before the fresh install! Oh well... that is what Image Files are for!


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