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Thread: Best Laptop Manufacturer

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    yah, I dont know much about laptops but i was wondering which manufacturer would be best for a new laptop, i instantly lean to Dell, but i really dont know, anyone have any reccomendations?

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    Dell makes good desktops, but horrid notebooks. I say go with Gateway on this one, they make quality laptops with good performance and battery life.

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    Make your own, I would much rather get a laptop with hardware I want and everything customized instead of one from a manufacturer that will most likely be way overpriced. You can get a laptop for much cheaper if you make it yourself to, and with better hardware.

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    well if you read the sub-topic, it says
    Since i dont know how to build Laptops..

    I have no experience with laptops....

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    I feel like the super Dell salesman all the time on this board but the fact is there is no way to get better performance for your budget, particularly at the refurbished part of their website.

    A good friend of mine who works for Dell says that most of those refurbished systems have never ever been used but were assembled for deals that fell through, thus they lose the new classification and their price lowers by 15-20%, which is a huge discount.

    I am an economics major and I have to know my numbers. Dell only makes a couple of points on each system they sell. If you didn't already know, Dell is able make money and better systems than most manufactuers because they they have very low overhead due to the fact they only do online and occasional phone sales. It is a hyperefficient buisness model that no other computer company has been successful at implementing. The most intelligent aspect of Dell is their president, Michael. He invests almost 40% of Dell's profit into research and development, which is way over other manufacturers R & D. That is why everybody would rather have a cooler designed Dell than a tacky HP or compaq, or gateway, not to mention the price difference.

    And if you haven't noticed, Dell is always on top of technology relatively speaking. They implement the newest technologies at the lowest price. I wish I had more time to tinker with my computer, and I do here and there but I really like streching every dollar I have, especially as a student.

    Go to the Dell and check out their refurbished systems they are a freaking steal.

    (I am getting paid to say this, lol) B)

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    Gandalf on Crack: Oh please, as if it's that hard to put together a laptop. You can always just ask the people at your local electronics store if you're that worried. I would definitely give that a try even if you don't know much about laptops.

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    This post is about the best laptop manufacturer. The guy already said no. If you want start your own post about making laptops

    Anyways refurbished dell are pretty good deals. There is only a small chace that it won't work. Personally I prefer Sony laptops. They look pretty and they have lots of good stuff inside. The only problem is they are reletively expensive. So the choice is up to you.

    How much money are you willing to spend?

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    thanks for the feedback everyone, I dont have a set amout for spending but i'd like to keep it below 1,300 but might have to go higher :-/

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    You can't really build a laptop because manufacturers even have to go through a lot of tests to ensure proper cooling and that since laptops are so small and compact. Alienware make the best notebooks though.

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    Alienware laptops are moblie desktops. Not only are they one of the most heavyest but the battory only lasts around an hour. Its fine if you want to play games and you have AC near by but it also has cooling problems. Not a good choice for laptops for most.

    There are so many options that you need to concider. Do you want a long battery life or more power? Are you looking for a desktop replacement? Are you worryied about heat (do you put it on your lap)?

    Anyways...this site will get you some of the cheapest laptops that you can find and most of them work very well
    Dell's Refurbished laptops page

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