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Thread: How much space do you use for movies?

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    How much space do you have used on movies only?
    Also if you can, how many movies does it count for.

    For me....

    529GB = 201 movies (a mix of xvid, dvdr and hddvd/bluray)

    I only have 20GB left, so I need to buy a new hard drive very soon. Thinking of getting a Western Digital 1TB drive.

    Wishing for a FTN or SCC invite

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    Currently I have 3 500gb MyBooks External HDD's and all of them are @ at least 85% full ATM. I also have 3 internal drives 2 @ 380 gigs and 1 @ 500 gigs. The internal 500gig is about 3/4 full and 1 of the 380's is maxed out the last 380 has my os on it with the programs and some video editing stuffon it. Whew Yeah I need a new HD too but I think Im going to wait until the USB 3.0 comes out and get a whole new box

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    Quote Originally Posted by Detale View Post
    Currently I have 3 500gb MyBooks External HDD's
    MyBooks are great... I currently have a 500gb and a 160gb. They haven't given me any problems at all so far. Probably going to get another 500 by the beginning of next year.

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    about...200gb of xvids right now...

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    I have 480GB of hi-def movies stored on my hard drive right now. Have a dvd binder full of xvid lower-res movies....probably around 150 GB

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    145gb currently on my harddisk(s) and about 600gb on external hdd's. The latter value are an estimate, I'm too lazy to go attaching them now.

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    Probably about 80gb burnt on dvd and maybe 40 or 50 on my hd.

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    never enough

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    580 Gb in my two computers with everything half of which are pron and music. 300 Gb of movies including hddvds, blueray,x264 and dvdrs. No xvids and TS in my hd.

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    i dont have a ton of space, [500gb], so i usually keep 100gb free to store and convert movies before burning.

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