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    When I set up different user accounts in XP the systems slows to a crawl when they are being used. The system will eventually freeze and will need a reboot. Tried everything I can think of and still cannot use them. Ideas??????

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    What are your comp specs?

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    Are other users logged in at the same time?

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    this is separate thing, not important at all but i still want to throw it out there. Would turning off the fast user switching save resources without screwing anything up? I turned it once in the configuration utility but switched it back because I didn't know. There is no need for fast user switching on this computer as there is only one user.

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    You can turn it off then.

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    No others are logged in at the time. I have a pentium 4 1.7, 512 mgs ram, 80 gig hard drive.

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    well unless ur running mad ammounts of programms u should b fine......... i run on AMD 500MHz with 192 MB, and can run 2 accounts. but shut the fast user switching off jus 2 b safe............ shouldnt ffct ur system though if u have only one user........

    btw, is that 1 user u, or the admin????
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    Just throwing out a random thought here about an observation I noticed with XP in general.

    Programs such as Photoshop, Stardock's windowblind's (and related stardock softwares), Kazaa versions and any application using Sun system's "Java Runtime Environment" (Limewire, Morpheus), slows XP down to a crawl. XP is a resource-eater to begin with. No need to help it along by running too many programs.

    You can tweak which programs you want to initially load upon starting windows in the registry. Flushing your prefetch folder may help alittle as well.

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    I have Kazaa on my system but shut it down before other users log on. I will shut down the fast switching and see if that helps...thanks


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