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Thread: Love Mix

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    Young fellas (especially high school fellas) I saw a post about love songs and it was all sapy shit. Trust Run a little game and get a girl over, put this CD on you will be hitten for sure. Helps if you are lucky enough to have Your own place when you in high school. Post your favorit LOVE MIX songs, not cheesy love songs. Songs you can get your hips into. I know this is kinda a geek forum but even nerds need love right.

    Joe - I wanna Know
    dead Prez - Mind Sex
    Keith Sweat - Nobody
    Usher - Nice and Slow
    R, Kelly - Bump and grind
    112 FT. Lil zane - anywhere
    112 - Peacehs and cream
    Genuine - Pony
    r Kelly - Feelin on your booty
    Seal - kiss from a rose (don't let thegirl listen to the lyrics, they wil love it.)
    D'angelo - Untitled
    Sisquo - so sexual
    D'angelo - Feel like makin love
    Boys to men - I'll make love to you

    So many more but I have handed down all of my love mix CD's since i got married.
    So all the other game vets, hand down your favorite, get em wet songs to the youngstas on this board, so they are not on here on a friday night.

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    Skweeky's Avatar Manker's web totty
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    1. Something - The Beatles
    2. Caramia - Novastar
    3. I'd do anything for love - Meat Loaf
    4. More than us - Travis
    5. Wicked Game - Chris Isaak
    6. Baby can I hold you tonight - Tracy Chapman
    7. Like the way I do - Melissa Etheridge
    8. Wrong - Novastar
    9. Songbird - Oasis
    10. Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve

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    Has to agree more with skweeky's list...never known a girl who falls for sappy R&B...

    Tonic - If Your Could Only See
    Tonic - You Wanted More
    Tal Bachman - She's So High
    Unwritten Law - Cailin
    Incubus - Miss You
    Incubus - Warning

    *i could go on for ever...most girls go for guys who can actually sing them aswell*

    *note this is not a fool proof plan to get a girl in bed*...i must say it has worked, but it isn't the greatest plan...

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    What!! no no no. That is the sappy stuff that i was more counter posting. ( i was a little bit drunk when i posted so a little bit over kill (poorly posted) but who wants to bone to rock? the idea is that it gives you something to move to, and I guess you will have to trust me on it working
    never known a girl who falls for sappy R&B...
    Maybee you just don't have the game to pull it off, just kiddin

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    Helps if you are lucky enough to have Your own place when you in high school.
    I may be from the UK but who has their own place in high school?!

    Pretty good track listing though.

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    I did from the age of 15, made for a good highschool life.


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