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Thread: Sync

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    plz what's the software that i can use if i have a movie that's out of sync just a little bit ? thx for help ...

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    use VDubMod and mediaplayerclassic

    Open the AVI in Media Player Classic. Right-click the screen and go Options->Filter->Audio Switcher->check the "audio time shift" box, and fill in an estimate of the amount of asynch. Hit "Apply" and test it out. Negative values are to make the audio play earlier. 1000 ms= 1 second. Resume playback. Adjust until you get it right. At that point you'll know how much the audio is out of synch and how much to set the delay in VDubMod. Then open the AVI in VDubMod, set the Video for Direct Stream Copy, go Streams->Stream List->Right-click the audio->Interleaving->Audio Skew Correction, and set the same delay as you found using MPC. OK your way out of there, go File->Save As, give it a new name, wait a minute or 2, and test it out.

    When all done, either uncheck the box or set the audio time shift back to 0 in MPC


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