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Thread: Req DvdClub - Have TL & WB

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    Interested? send the msg.

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    do not trade TL and wb

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    Just fill out an application.


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    if you trade wb it will be disabled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bo0ddha View Post
    Just fill out an application.
    Ditto to this. Gaining membership to TDC is easy. You just apply. You don't have to wait for open signups, or wait for someone to invite you. Just answer the few questions that ask and voila you get an invite.

    Only worry is if you have a questionable history that would make the tracker staff think that all you want to do is trade your account or invites away once you get them; and if that is the case, well, you cannot blame the staff for saying no. They say no to protect their site, and the privacy of their members.

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    Best to ask for an invite before you start trading your accounts.

    Alot easier and safer in most cases.

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    thanks for the info all.

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    I applied for an invite a while ago, but I didn't get it
    so they don't accept avery good user and it's not that easy for everyone to get it, butr I got an invite last week from a friend in another comunity, so I cant complain...


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