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Thread: LiNGO's Giveaway Thread

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    From now on, I'll giveaway my invites in a single thread. This will keep the things way more organized. I'll update the thread and add posts when I have new invites. Hopefully, you will be all trustworthy and cooperative so that I can giveaway higher level invites. I have the following invites to begin with;

    Warning: If you disobey any of the rules, you will be disqualified from the giveaway.

    1/2 x DarkSide [MrLazy]
    0/5 x TranceRoute (Lite) [asafb, b0ab4, tudors, myself123, KiNdZiUs]
    1/1 x TheDVDClub
    0/1 x FinBytes [itay1]
    4/4 x DanishBits (Invites are disabled ATM)
    2/5 x KaraGarga [susuk, e2max, tenis69]
    1/2 x HDBits [aryan1]
    1/2 x TTi [wildseed]
    5/5 x LinkoManija
    2/2 x Torrent.LT

    - I want you to put two ratio proofs and a speestest both with today's date.
    - Do not request an alternative tracker, such as "I want FB or DB". Just request the tracker you would like to have.
    - Use the trackers for your personal purposes. Do not trade the invites.
    - Do not PM me to request an invite. I'll PM you if you win an invite.
    - Do not request an invite if you are a trader.
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    i want invite in Karagarga please!!!!!!!

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    Thanks anyway. Somebody else sent me the invite.
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    Can I have DanishBits please ?

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    please can i got FB

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    sorry i only have 1 tracker

    db please thx
    gl to all

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