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Thread: anyone know how to burn x264 hd movie to disc for xbox 360

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    it is a .mkv file. tried to burn with nero but it wouldn't play

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    you have to convert it.

    try this:

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    MKV is a container for video files, sort of like winrar but for video only. Its used by anime nerds for the most part, so the nerds that fill them do so with disreguard to the regular person like you and me. An MKV file can have a video and several different audio and subtitle streams all in a single container and the nerds like to use off the wall forms of video and audio to make it hard for you to use the file.

    I use MKVMergeGUI to view the file and identify which track is the english audio. If the audio is mp3 and the video is regular avi you can use virtual dub mod to open the MKV file and with video set to direct stream and audio too, you disable all but the english audio and save the file. If the audio is ogg or aac, you have to demux the english track convert it to mp3 and add it back disabling all the rest and then save. If the video is h264 or x264 use AlltoAvi to convert the MKV to avi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshydt58 View Post
    it is a .mkv file. tried to burn with nero but it wouldn't play
    I use this program to stream my movies avi,divx,music,not sure bout mkv files tho sure i read some where u can tho
    Sorry should have put glasses on to read yr post lol,orb is what i use to view movies thru my xbox360
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