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Thread: Problem With Norton!

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    Hey Guys, I have a problem with norton antivirus. Every time windows XP boots up into windows, norton antivirus takes a 1 minute to actually open it self and start running. Everything else is finished in 10 seconds. Whats going on??? Thank for any replies

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    Right click it on the start bar at the bottom.Configure norton antivirus.Uncheck start autoprotect when windows starts up.
    Hope that helps ya.

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    Yeah but doesnt that stop norton running. I dont want to stop norton running, I just want to know why its taking so long to load. It never use to take that long!!

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    I have that issue as well. I think it just takes that long... :pirate:

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    lol. I have NSW Pro 2003 & NIS 2002. I have that problem on & off. More on than off though. Recently I added AVG Pro 7 as a NON-resident scanner as well. AVG added 3 items to my startup items. I removed them with jv16 PT. And the last couple of startups NIS & NSW load up right away. lol. Maybe Norton is afraid of the competition? lol. Just an anomaly, I know. But it's funny as hell.

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    i have this same problem as well... i always thought it was just my computer, but well now i guess it isn't....

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    Its not something Ive always had a problem with. I re-installed XP a month back and then setup norton. Norton use to load with everything else. Now its the last thing to load and takes longer than it took the person who did the longest pee to pee. Its stupid. Anything else I can use instead of norton??

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    Sure AVG Free or AVG Pro 7 ($ or worked).

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    Problems with Norton?? Installed NIS and everything went well until the icon showed up....then everything froze and a really cute 3D text flashed on that said "XP SUCKS". Then a small screen came on that started uninstalling K-Lite and who knows what else. By the time I was able to reach for the power switch, Windows was pretty well chewed up. I've spent the rest of the day reloading windows and recovering my files. Still don't know where NIS is at...and I don't care. Maybe a virus, ya think? Don't know why Avast didn't pick anything up, and I scan each downloaded file. Your NIS might be running slow but it has to better than a crash & burn.

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    Yeah i have the same,usin "nav,nis and windoctor 2002"as u say iXelotath t must just take that long,either that or we all have a prog or somthing in common.

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