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Thread: Adding Ram

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    My computer has two slots for ram--(i can gave up to 1gig total)-presently each slot has 276 mgs each-total of 512---i want to add more ram. do i have to remove the 256 ddr and add 512 to that slot or is there some sort of adapter i can plug into the slot that will let me add an add'l 256 for each slot..what i'm trying to do is not have to throw away 256 mg to add 512. any help is appreciated

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    not kazaalite realted, put it in hardware world,
    answer no.
    u can only have 2 ram chips in at any time, so if u wanna update ur gonna have to get rid of a 256 card,

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    Theres no need to bin it anyway mate as u upgrade other parts just add afew other pieces and ur have another pc..


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