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Thread: Editing Vob Files

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    hi every one i have vob files and i want to cut a part of each vob like the vob is 25 min and i want 5 mins only from it is there a program that can do that and perhaps after that also compress the vob or change it into another format

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    Are you wanting to create a sample video?? Please explain..I'm

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    You can't take a vob out of the dvd structure, edit it and put it back in, It doesn't work that way. As a matter of fact you can't even remove vob's from the structure to make it smaller and then reburn it to disk, it will not play unless all parts are accounted for during the initial scan. There are ways to edit and then reformat to a new structure but I'm not going to get into that (ifoedit tutorials).

    What you can do is to open the vob with Virtual Dub Mod, convert the video to divx or xvid and the audio to mp3 or ac3 and before saving use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to cut out what you don't want using markin and markout then Edit/Delete.

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    I regularly edit/join DVD movies, and the easiest way to do it is by using
    DVD Shrink. It has a Re-author feature where you can edit and take out any part/sequence of a DVD and you can also of course remove any audio and extras that you don't want. Then, once you're done editing everything, it will re-encode it into a whole new DVD.

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    Thats a good point, if you really wanted to keep the file as a vob, dvdshrinks re-author does have that section where you can use the blue arrows (set start/end frames) to trim the begining and end of the movie. If you were very careful to keep a running copy of the original you could literally cut out a hundred 5min clips from a vob or movie but it could be tedious.

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    cloneDVD2 works better than DVD shrink because the menus will still work after reauthoring. DVD-shrink on the other hand will not retain menu functionality after you remove features.


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