Part of this is to ask, after reading a bunch of threads, exactly how difficult it is to find your way into BitMeTV. It just seems like that is one of the most common requests I see around here. Any truth in the matter?

That being said, I originally stumbled onto FST because I was looking for a BitMeTV invite. I've been doing the torrent thing for over three years (which may not seem that long to some people), and I have extremely reputable accounts at OiNK, MySpleen, and TVTorrents, all of which were established years ago (before the invite systems were put in place). And, clearly, having used TVTorrents, you can see why I would be looking to switch to BitMeTV. TVTorrents is extremely unstable a lot of the time and is just a pain to get around with the ads and site design.

I really have simple needs, as you could probably judge from the sites I belong to, and I take care of my ratio wherever I go, which I can demonstrate on request.

Any information/input/suggestions/insults greatly appreciated.