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    HI All,
    I wondered if anyone could recommend what type of software to buy, or get on KazaaaLt, to burn DVD to CD? There seem to be a number of products advertising commercially but wondered if anyone had any experience and thus recommendations.


    Andy (in the UK)

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    Burning a DVD to CD??? Correct me if im wrong but i think you need to recompress the video data to SVCD or VCD format, and it will take you a while cause DVD's are huge

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    You can not burn a full dvd to a cd-r now if u said dvd-r and u have a dvd-burner then it should have been a program that came with and if u don't want to use it then try searching yahoo or something.

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    The reason I asked is that I have seen a number of advertisements on the web for products that claim to burn DVD to CD. I didn't think it possible.

    I do have Nero which came with my CDR.

    Andy D

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    I didn't think it possible.
    It's not possible not burn a 4gb+ dvd onto a single 700MBcdr. then more then look for svcd)
    many dvd players play svcd and the quality is higher than vcd.
    Burning real dvds with menus is harder and it takes a dvd burner of course.
    Maybe you should start with burning svcds.

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    Well DVDCOPYONE is east to use, can do vcd or svcd in one click. Takes several hours. Also a DVD to vcd takes about 2 CDR's, and svcd takes about 3.

    Here is a hash...
    FileVDCopyOne Platinum v6.0 .exe
    Length:1293870 Bytes, 1264KB

    Or search it.

    I always suggest getting software at ShareReactor with Shareaza or eMule.

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    do you mean ripping your dvd as an AVI file? if you do then use EasyDivx which will turn your DVD movie into an AVI file - to the size of your choosing.Select a file size of around 700mb and then you have a film that you can save as a data file (not VCD)on to disc.The ripping and converting takes a few hours but the results are good.Better quality than a VCD but will not play on a DVD player , just your PC.Oh,and make sure you have the codecs installed to do it - install the kazaalite codec pack , or tsunami ( if you can find the full version )


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