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Thread: Revolt

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    misledhope's Avatar Mod BT Rep: +3
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    Jul 2007
    I would like to join. I like conversation, the trackers i use most often i use the forum more than the tracker itself.

    I've never traded, i've never been banned, i've always used this and only this user name making it very easy for anyone to check up on me.

    little bit of activity proof
    bitmetv - Join date2007-06-30 01:13:05 (15 weeks ago)
    Torrent comments 29
    Forum Posts - 378
    FTN Forum posts 61 (0.762 / Day)

    I realize most of my accounts are not very old .. most are under 5 months but i used to get everything from an older sibling that lived with me.

    Well staff check up on me as you wish and please consider my request.

    edit please no one spam this thread. i dont need good or ill wishes from anyone.. please only post if you are offering me an invite or requesting info before doing so. going to sleep now will check this tomorrow afternoon.
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    p1r4t3's Avatar More drama? ffs BT Rep: +6BT Rep +6
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    say jose 3x times. The guy you need will appear

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    or scream RVT 6x That might work too

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    Quote Originally Posted by josegavara View Post
    check your pm
    Here you go
    use it wisely.


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