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Thread: What Is Postal?

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    Ok could sum 1 tell me what happens in the game postal,

    sum 1 at college was telling me that u r a Postamn and 1 day u just go crazy and start killing people...

    I think he's talking shit but i want 2 know for real...

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    Postal the original game, was a pile of sh1t to be perfectly honest.

    Postal 2 on the other hand, well lets just say "and the flowers will grow!" those who have played Postal 2 will know what I mean.

    In short Postal is crap
    Postal 2 is good, for a while..... here's a more in depth review

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    god dam i just read the review for Postal 2 it sounds gr8...

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    I'm playing Postal 2 atm.. it's fkn hilarious!

    If your into games like unreal, this game isn't up to the same standard.
    But if your just looking for a fun shooter with sick humour, then Postal 2 is just what the doctor ordered.

    One word of warning tho... the original game wasn't very well coded, so the levels take AGES to load... look on the Running with Scissors website for a fix.. I think its called the 1337 patch.

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    I want 2 play postal so bad..

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    download it

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    it's not that easy the version in the verifieds has no quick link and iam not wasting good download time on sum fake...

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    So just copy and paste the verified hash into Sig2Dat... thats how it was used before quick links were invented, and it's a piece o' cake really.

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    I hope you are not talkin about my verified, it is not fake and i take ofence. Anyways you are not gonna get sources here i do not think so once again i say use the verified to get the direct connect filename - flt-p2.bin - and use that, worth a play, but get the patch i hear good things.

    Edit: Sorry I see what you are saying - a non verified fake, right.
    All good

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    dude i was not calling your hash a fake... It's not a quick link so i don't know how 2 use it...

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