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Thread: UseNeXt Server Settings

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    hello users -
    many usnet providers state on their page :
    1. server addresses for different regions (usa/europe)
    2. ammount of connections allowed

    UseNeXt provider on /

    does not state any difference between server address and doesnt state connection amounts

    All i know is 1 server address :

    I know most ppl dont recomend this provider but if any1 knows the max connections for a trial / registered acount and different server address plz help me out and post here ! thanks

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    ight m8 im gettin those files now ima use me geezer pops laptop and install the usenext and upload the logs tell what to do next ight. also who is your service provider? time warner/ road runner offers free usenet. also have u tried warez?

    download and intastall total unstall from the aio pack get it here

    bro uplaod the version of usenext u used to megaupload. ill try to help but u should just format ur pc using ur boot dis then use ash uninstaller. or just buy service its pretty cheap. just steal ur mom or dads credit card.

    also usenext 4.05 SE is an update u downloaded huh?
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    did a little testing - succeded connecting with 8 connections to .
    is this max connections for trial user or registered user ?

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    Get yourselves a good unlimited provider and grabit (free) or another more advanced program (newsleecher, Agent, or similar) as a reader and you will never go wrong.

    The amount Usenext charges per month compared to others is crap to be honest. There are many, many other providers that will suit any needs that are half the price. Mind you they may not come with the software *BUT* it is not needed. If you are posting questions about that (usenext) provider here than you already are on your way.

    Take a look at this:

    Or This:

    Then head on over to and get yourselves a copy of grabit. After you download grabit take a look here:

    Then look no further than this site. If what you are looking for is not here than look at and and If all of that is not enough than you can look at (read the tuts!!):

    There are many, many other sites that cater to needs like xbox games, mp3 , etc. and things like this that I have forgotten but my main thing is movies hence the link to alt-bin

    Trust me fellas Usenext is way over priced, the 4 providers linked to above are great I am sure anyone here would agree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smeghead^ View Post
    I know most ppl dont recomend this provider but
    heh man thanks for the help - i know what your saying and agree 100 % - but that doesn't change the fact that im interested in the "specs" of their offers still hoping to know different addresses and max connection for registered/trial user



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