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Thread: blackcats

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    where can i ask for reseed requests?

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    why dont you ask in their forum ..

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    because i dont want them to say wrong section and give me a warning or something...that account is wayyyyy to important to me...

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    They aren't THAT bad on the site. Heh. What are you looking for anyways? I might be able to help you out.
    "Dude, where's my rar?"

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    look in the bar where your username is shown at the top, if you can request, you will then see Requests Available : XXX which is a link to the request form

    i have some requests available, but i don't know how exactly you earned them

    if you don't have any available request, i can request it for you

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    nah its okay...i just found it in newsgroups...if that doesnt work i will pm you Kflint...thanks for the help

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    well for future referance.

    a reseed request can only be seen on the trackers details page when there is no uploader, and it can only be clicked once every 7 days, also only PU and above can click it.

    but you can always just come into irc and ask in there, im sure someone would be happy to click it for you if your not a PU yet.

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    too bad theyre closed :*


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