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Thread: hosting ie server really slow

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    hi there i have a raptor 4+ server from hosting ie ruuning windows server 2003 and i haven't used it in about a month and when i went to use it its slow slow takes forever to open webpage and everything else i have tried defraging hard drive and windows update and nothing its running so slow that its not even fast enough to run serv-u ftp server i get like 5-10kb/s when i used to max out my home connection please any help would be great

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    As you are on a shared server, with up to 5 others iirc, then coming in late means you will be at the bottom of the pile for resources, so if one of the others is maxing out the line, or running a heavy script, then the rest of you will suffer, and you the most as you was last in.

    You have to live with it, and make sure you are on long enough to get the resources for your benefit when the others are taking a break.

    You can keep emailing support, but when it comes to VDS/VPS servers, they are not given much time and will tell you that from what they can see that it is working perfectly.
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    I have a dedicated from hosting-ie and it has been, for lack of better words s**t the last month. I can't get any upload speeds over 1 mb, they told me i had corruptions charged me $25 to reinstall the os and I'm still stuck with the same slow upload but downloads will get 25 mb. Don't know, then i restarted it and it didn't come back on and it's been almost 24 hrs without a response. Very poor service, got a vectoral on order.


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