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Thread: PDA Torrent Site

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    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a torrent site with a nice collection of PDA apps for pocket pc. My phone needs some new digs.

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    654 it has lot of content ur looking for i think

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    very cool thanks

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    rather use ppcwarez for small files like pda programs

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    Also Oink has some PDA stuff I think

  6. BitTorrent   -   #6 is good is the best, found alot of things here good wm as well as symbian and etc

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    thanks for all the help guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by palotea View Post is good is the best, found alot of things here good wm as well as symbian and etc
    those site are bad
    well is best for PPC is the best for java sybmbian wm etc etc and they have 1st all pda scene (even that they are public ) some those ViP have good gameloft games b4 scene
    and sometimes SCC PT FTN TL have a fast pretime 0sec 0day mobile scene stuff...

    and OiNK scenelinks mobile are crap for mobile stuff

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    thanks ,but which has the best classification ,is there some site whch gives description and download url of the app


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