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    Just downloaded sim city 4 through kazaa now its in my shared folder how do i get 2 play.

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    What type of file is it? Is it an iso or a bin/cue file or exe?? If its an iso or bin/cue file you will need to burn that file as a cd image to a cd and install like you would from any other program/game cd. If it's an exe just open it, it will extract and the installer will start up.

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    its a bin file ill try that now thanks 4 help will a normal cd-r work

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    If you have Alcohol 120% you can create a virtual drive(kinda like a fake cd drive) and then you just mount the image using the virtual drive then no cd is required unless you are backing up.

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    omg omg omg....why are you guys answering this question...knowing that he asked it in the first place should tell you that he wouldn't understand an answer invloving Daemon or something of that sort. My advice is to stop dl'in games...or read the faq for newbs.

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    Once again my direction on how to this - hopefully if instead of people just yelling at newbs we give them a link to This or in the sig we can avaoid these question get more knowing how to do it, spread more files therby, and get rid of all the rip requests.


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