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Thread: Fixing Corrupt Files

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    How can you do it

    i download SoF2 rip.. and map.uha is corrupt and i need it to play the game
    I have Mordens Audio Hack PLEZ stop emailing me

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    Search for that file, if you use 9once again I say it) direct connect, alot of people sahre their entire hardrive so you should be able to find that file, and put that file in the directory that you extracted the RIP too. (where it belongs, in the directory if it is in a data.bin, or .cab file then it is over my head. So i say again, do not Fu** with Rips.

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    Download a program called advanced zip repair and make sure you get a crack for it.

    It will repair just about any zip file. But if you dont get the crack it only fixes files up to a certain amount of megs.

    If you cant find a cracked version then pm me, and Ill let you get it by ftp.


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