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Thread: The Riaa Seems To Be The Topic Of Concern But...

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    i know you all have heard of the dmca (digital multimedia copyright act), it was signed in 1998 by US Congress. so technically, you don't need the RIAA from filing a law suit. any ip ( yes, ANY IP) can report you to your internet provider and if it's your first offense they'll shut the internet service off and call you and warn you. i think the 2nd time they will prosecute. it's happened to me (just a first offense) but it doesn't scare me. just whenever i download i use verified downloads because i can get in and out quicker it seems. also i use Excursion, which is an IRC client. unlike the other clients, Excursion is free. so the dmca and the riaa and whatever other ungodly money driven laws and companies cannot win the war against piracy this easily. *sigh* doesn't it just feel so good?

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    Of course, this only concerns people in the USA.

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