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Thread: and again ....... GIVEAWAY

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    Most people already know me from some 'Giveways threads' I think i already gave more than 50 invites and fortunately almost everybody preserve those accounts well. Perhaps 3 or 4 exceptions, but i prefer to raise the good part. I always 'love' to open threads with invites to giveaway, because i remember the time i just came into FST without anything and how some (well a few) special guys simply offered me everything.

    But like i say is very easy to give me anything because i always keep the accounts honestly and i'm kind of addicted on seeding my accounts, and i never traded nothing ! Well, but that's no reason to be something like 'anti-trade' guy or something like that, i respect everyone even if i don't agree or share the same ideas.

    I may give one, two or none invite to each one, later i 'll decide, it depends if i find some worthy people. So please try to write some value posts or face the consequences ....

    Done. Please keep them well.

    ghostat2005 - FinBytes
    MrLazy - Darkside

    Please PM me your emails.


    Keep the accounts honestly.
    You shouldn't ever use them for trades.
    I will considering speedtests and ratios proofs.

    Good luck for all.

    This giveaway will last +/- 6 hours. Then i will close this thread with the winners.
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    can i have DVDclub inivte plz. thnx

    User On:

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    DEmEX's Avatar [[[Inhuman--User]]] BT Rep: +3
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    can i have darkside.......................please...............

    i good user i will never trade or cheat with this invite...

    nice giveaway

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    Mrststyle's Avatar w0wz0r123~ BT Rep: +17BT Rep +17BT Rep +17BT Rep +17
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    linkomanija ..??

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    icotitanik's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +13BT Rep +13BT Rep +13
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    wov... Can I get Darkside (or FB if darkside is gone) please? I need Darkside because I heard there is a lot of music I'm interested in there, and I'm also interested in other stuff available there. FB mostly because I hope to find some rare releases there.

    thank you
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    can i have FinBytes or Darkside ?
    tti&db ratios proofs
    thank u

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