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Thread: Heroes- What A Rip! (Spoilers)

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    I won't post this is the other Heroes thread cuz PolarBear doesn't want spoilers...

    Am I the only one who feels that the 2nd series of Heroes is shaping up to be a complete waste of time?

    Throughout the whole first season Peter Petrelli dithered about like an emo kid trying to make sense of his powers. He finally figures out how to use them and how much of a kickass mofo he is then promptly explodes (maybe). Next time we see him, he's locked in a trailer in Cork without a clue who he is. Then once he's given the opportunity to find out who he is, he declines because he fancies some bint. Well feck that!!

    Same goes for Sylar. Accumulates all these powers and now can't use them.

    Shite, shite and triple shite!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by huydini View Post
    yeah it's been shit so far. The mexican storyline was basically the same the first 3 episodes. I'm still gonna keep watching. hope it's going to pick up soon.

    Agree with you on the Mexican arc.

    She kills all round her when she starts crying. You would think she would have learned to toughen up since the result of her tears is corpses everywhere.

    Dry your eyes, you stupid bitch!
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    I haven't even bothered to watch it after S02E02.

    Even the 2 shows I watched were yawn-fests and I couldn't wait for them to end.

    The FST group

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    theyr introducing too many characters! least in my opinion. They should kill some off, make it more interesting

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    Just curious but can anyone confirm if the brother and sister intro to Heroes a twist of a the Hispanic folklore of " La Llorona" ??

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    the beginning of the 2nd season starts off a lil slow. but ill still watch it. i know theres more to come.

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    I agree, season 2 is rather lame.
    Just incase there is a spoiler
    Spoiler: Show

    I'll watch because I love this show and I hope it gets better.

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    I've liked this season perfectly fine, tbh.

    We find out about the Nightmare man.
    I like the Mexican Wonder Twins.
    Sylar's Back.
    The mystery of who's killing the old heroes is there.
    The mystery of who all the old heroes in the picture are is there.
    Now you know how the head of the company is financed. (Ned fucking Ryerson from Groundhog Day )
    Uhura is there (good casting).
    I like Monica's power (gotta love the wrastlin' move).

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    I haven't really watched more than two episodes. I only watched it because Hayden is in it. :p

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