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Thread: Comcast Confirmed as Discriminating Against FileSharing Traffic

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    from Slashdot:

    An anonymous reader writes "Comcast has been singled out as discriminating against filesharing traffic in quantitative tests conducted by the Associated Press. MSNBC's coverage of the discovery is quite even-handed. The site notes that while illegal content trading is a common use of the technology, Bittorrent is emerging as an effective medium for transferring 'weighty' legal content as well. 'Comcast's technology kicks in, though not consistently, when one BitTorrent user attempts to share a complete file with another user. Each PC gets a message invisible to the user that looks like it comes from the other computer, telling it to stop communicating. But neither message originated from the other computer -- it comes from Comcast.'" This is confirmation of anecdotal evidence presented by Comcast users back in August.

    TorrentFreak: How To Bypass Comcast’s BitTorrent Throttling
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    Yea, looks like Comcast is in for a big lawsuit. P2P TV will be huge eventually and if Comcast continues, it will be in for a fight from the networks.
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    yea i hate comcast...thats what i have

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    switch or use encryption

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    Love us or hate us, we're slowly going to take over the world.

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    i for 1 have comcast and ive noticed during my downloading both speeds up and down are superfast 2 MB/s down and 200 KB/s up but when it finishes downloading my upload goes to like 1 KB/s. i will be making the move back to shitty dsl!

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    Quote Originally Posted by psxcite View Post
    Yea, looks like Comcast is in for a big lawsuit. P2P TV will be huge eventually and if Comcast continues, it will be in for a fight from the networks.
    exactly what are you going to sue comcast about ? im pretty sure this sort of action will be allowed under there terms and conditions if you have actually read it.

    Quote Originally Posted by david89
    switch or use encryption
    switching will work but if you read the article it says "Although BitTorrent protocol encryption seems to work against most forms of traffic shaping, it doesn’t help in this specific case."

    In the really great news for americans the fcc has upheld internet deregulation. In a nutshell it means whoever owns the actual copper lines now has sole access to them. this will pretty much kill competition for you

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