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Thread: Drum And Bass

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    Jul 2003
    i was just wondering if there were any drum and bass fans down here.
    i also wanted to know what are some new hot drum and bass albums out there and where i can get it.

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    yeah m8 I was down with the jungle scene till about 2 years ago. The creativity doesn't really seem there any more tho but from what i hear Dillinja, Shy FX, Adam F (Metrosound - find it&#33 all still kick it. Also look for Bad Company, Usual Suspects and Ram Trilogy if u like the HEAVY shit

    Check Drum & Bass Arena for news

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    Jul 2003
    Thanks alot buddy. its a great site. did u listen to andy c's nightlife?
    what its like?

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    Andy C is one third of Ram Trilogy btw... ain't heard the album but u can pretty much trust him to come up with the goods... u should check his live DJ videos on that site - there seems to be one from the album launch nite!


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    "Concord dawn" fuckin brilliant bass

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    a fie i use to have dont know if was edited correctly...korns version of low rider was cool . short but sweet, nice bass riffs


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