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Thread: help with firefox and azureus

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    Im new on this site
    I'm in a college with a filter on the internet. The stupid filter doesnt even let me access my gmail account.
    And of course -no bittorent -at all. it doesnt even download one byte.
    I tried onion routers and stuff... too slow or not good...

    So I tried figuring out a way around it and I found ssh.
    I tried tunneling through to my home computer
    It's behind a router and its also behind mcafee security center
    I configured the router and mcafee to open up ports 443 for ssh
    I installed freeshd and I have a working connection finally. (took ages to do just that)

    But when I try to use putty or tunnelier to set up a port to be able to download in azureus -or just to be able to have full access to the internet it doesnt work.
    In putty i tried a dynamic port and I set firefox to local host and the port for socks 5 and it doesnt work?

    tunnelier tells me connection closed before completion of protocol
    please help
    I go back to school monday and who knows if I will be able to access this site!

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    try searching for proxies that you can use, and make sure u r encrypting ur torrent traffic.

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    Like a free proxy from some site off google? The ones that never work?
    I cant search for proxies anyhow.
    Any site with the word proxy is not accesible and wont proxies make it go really slow?

    I think i'm very close to connecting to my home computer
    when I try to open a port with tunnelier it says it failed and that

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    are you sure that you configured your ssh and putty correctly? here's some instructions to make sure:

    here's a random list of proxies i just pulled off google real quick. it will be slower than usual, but it's better than nothing.

    also, be careful on using proxies or tunneling. some private trackers can ban you for it, so make sure to look in the faq to make sure it's okay.


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