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Thread: Doobie, what do you eat?

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    It may be to do with your appetite. Might not, but what the fuck.

    I sleep better when I eat heartily.

    Granted, I don't feel like eating much, what with all the wine and beer and ganja but when I do eat, I feel immediately tired.

    In fact, everytime I eat anything, I feel knackered immediately afterwards and would love to lay down. This doesn't work too much when I'm at work or in the house and it passes quite quickly when my missus shouts in my ear, which is often. So, tell my bitch to stop shouting in my ear and maybe I might get some sleep. Yappy bitch!!

    Not you, her.

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    lol...I normally don't eat afterwards either but when I do, I want a cheese steak w/ grilled onions and mushrooms...there is a local joint where the owner is from philly and knows exactly how a true philly cheese steak should be done......that does the trick for me.

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    i love chicken in all forms, wings, patties, fried, country fried, chicken soup.

    i dont sleep very though, so maybe there is a connection.

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    Everything, mate. I'm thinking of getting back on some sleeping pills. However, I really don't like the hangover, the next day. It's been ages since I've tried any new medications.

    I believe the two that posted above, thought you were asking what one ate; after smoking a doobie.


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    So what do you eat after a doobie?


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